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About FreePressRelease²

Launched in 2012, FreePressRelease² is a unique press release distribution platform that enables clients increase their brand awareness, reach new audiences and drive traffic to their websites. Instead of offering predefined packages, FreePressRelease² allows businesses to fully customize their press releases by providing a list of a-la-carte features.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses announce their newsworthy stories and events. We strive for excellence in providing our clients with the most effective press release distribution solution and teamed up with worldwide news outlets who syndicate our premium content on their websites.

Editorial Review

FreePressRelease² is committed to providing only the highest quality news. We will not distribute news articles or stories that we feel are unfit for publication through our service. Furthermore, we follow 3 main principles while reviewing and accepting to publish content:

  1. Editorial efforts and reviewing of the press release information must embrace diversity.
  2. The submitted content must be high quality, factual and focused and adhere to the strictest editorial policies.
  3. The availability and openess of public scrutiny must be present to allow measures of quality improvement in the review process.

Quick Stats

Number of Press Releases: 77,159*
Headline Views: 16,660,316*
Press Release Views: 484,923*
Journalist Subscribers: 21,831*
Facebook Likes: 2,009**
Twitter Followers: 17,201**

*Updated Daily
**Updated Weekly

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