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Standard Features

Sample Press Release Page
all standard features are free and apply to any published release
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Basic Traffic Stats Basic Traffic Stats
Display at related categories Display at related categories
A lot of journalists are subscribed to our site because they want to be first to hear the news and spread the word. As soon as your press release is published, it would appear in the mailbox of all journalists that are subscribed to the same press release category. In some cases, they might get your press release even before it is published.

By distributing your press release to our journalist subscribes, we help deliver the news and attract attention to your website/business.
Distribution to journalist subscribers
Your press release would be indexed by all major search engines that constantly crawl our site for new content. Indexed press releases can generate extra traffic, maximizing exposure of your website/business.
Indexed on major search engines
Your press release would be permanently placed on our site and have its own page that can be accessed by public anytime, generating traffic to your website and/or promoting your business. Don't be surprised if you keep getting new visitors over and over again, referred to you by the press release hosted on our site. Permanent placement on our site
Our editorial team reviews all press releases prior to publishing and due to the big volume of incoming press releases, it takes about 3 to 5 business days to review a press release.

We do not charge for this service and it's completely free and part of the standard press release package. However, if you would like a more speedy review of your news, you may purchase 'Next day publishing' feature, that is described below.
Publishing in 3-5 days

Optional Features

Sample Full-Featured Press Release Page
customized press release page adds an extra uniqueness to news
Make your story stand out among text-only press releases by adding a YouTube video to your release. Research shows that adding images and video increases engagement and social media sharing. Add YouTube Video $1.99
Distribution through RSS Distribution through RSS $1.99
This feature allows a visitor to download your press release as an Adobe PDF file or to print your release in case a hard copy of your news is needed. This feature is commonly used by journalists who need a copy to bring to their editor or other visitors, who would like to spread the word and distribute the news offline to their co-workers, friends, and family.

Download as PDF/Print Buttons $1.99
Editable meta description and keyword tags Editable meta description and keyword tags $1.99
Google translate button Google translate button $1.99
Submission to any 3 categories Submission to any 3 categories $1.99
Advanced traffic statistics allows you to analaze in detail all traffic coming to your press release page as well as user engagement. You will be able to see how many users clicked on social media buttons, played the video, looked at photos, translated your page to a different language or interacted with your site embedded in the press release.

This feature is highly recommended for businesses who require detailed statistics about user engagement and traffic sources.
Advanced Traffic Stats $2.99
For each standard press release page you are allowed to upload one supporting image. However, with the purchase of this feature, a company can upload additionally up to 5 images. It is an important feature for companies that use images to describe their product/business. Research shows that adding images and video increases engagement and social media sharing. Attach up to 5 images $2.99
This feature allows for a contact form to be present on the press release page.

All standard releases contain an e-mail address as means to contact the publisher. However, it's been recorded that many users don't like to use their e-mail client to write a short message and would prefer to fill-out an online form instead.

In addition, having a contact form on the page would allow you to keep your e-mail address private and secure.

Therefore, this feature is recommended for companies that would like to keep their e-mail address private or expect a lot of response and want to make it convenient for a visitor to send them a brief message.
Contact form $2.99
Customize the web address of your press release. Custom URL $2.99
If your company has a website, you might want to display it along with your press release. This will allow visitors to review your site's content without leaving the press release page, which many find convenient.

By purchasing this feature, not only you create a convenience for a visitor, but you help generate more hits to your website as well.

Please note that this feature is not recommended for companies with no or poorly designed website.
Embedded website $2.99
Did you or do you plan to publish more press releases? If yes, this feature will greatly improve exposure of all your news.

If you select this feature, links to up to 5 most recent press releases would be placed on the press release page. Each visitor would also see the titles of your other press releases and can easily view them by clicking the respective link.

On average this feature increased the exposure of press releases by 20% and is recommended for companies which would like to maximize their exposure and online presence awareness.
Include links to your other press releases $2.99
Are you in a hurry to tell your news? It usually takes us about 3 to 5 business days to review a new press release. With the purchase of this feature, however, our editorial team will review and publish your press release within 24 hours after submission. Next day publishing $2.99
Our editors will add a catching quote from your release at the top of the page. Quote Call Out $2.99
There is a limit of 1 press release per 10 days. If you want this release not to count toward this limitation, select this option. Remove from PR limit $2.99
If this feature is selected, press releases in the same catogories will not be displayed on your release page. Remove Similar Releases $2.99
Social media buttons Social media buttons $2.99
Additional Links Up to 3 Links $2.99
A third party advertisement is placed on a standard press release page. If you would like to keep your press release page clean of any advertisements and make it all about your news, you may purchase this feature.

Buying this feature is also recommended for businesses who don't want their competitor's ads displayed on the same page as their press release.
Remove third party ads $4.99
Press releases with Premium status are highlighted in searches, thus they have an advantage over the other press releases. Moreover, all premium releases are featured on home page, greatly increasing exposure of your news.

If you would like to maximize exposure of your news, it is definitely recommended to purchase this feature.
Premium Release $7.99

Our press release distribution service (unlike competitors) provides dozens of features to fit your business needs and budget. Why pay more for attributes that you don't require and have unnecessary elements on your page when you can customize each aspect of your press release page, making it look exactly how you want it. Whether you choose to publish a free press release or add some extra features, you won't find anywhere else a press release distribution solution more complete and affordable than ours.

Move your mouse over each feature to see how your business would benefit from it.

All standard features are free and automatically applied to all published press releases.

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