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$29.99 for a 300 words PR

A well composed press release not only gives you SEO benefits, but acts as a direct communication tool that can deliver unfiltered messages to the masses. It is your ticket to publicity - one that can get your company coverage in publications and/or on TV and radio stations.

Media professionals are overcrowded with press releases that are written in a classical out of date PR manner. Journalists and editors must be hooked by the first paragraph or your release will end up in trash can. Being in this industry for many years, we understand your concerns. The main goal of a well written press release should be:

  • To educate global audiences about your product or service
  • To capture the attention of journalists, editors and other professionals in the media industry
  • To seamlessly fit into your content and marketing strategy

Our expert writers understand these goals and will write a killer press release that will grab attention. Choosing the right words can be a tedious task but you don't need to fret over it and let our writers do their job. If you have a new product, service or any news and want the world to know about it, send over the details and let us craft a keyword optimized release that calls for action. Even if you think that you do not have a worthy event to write about, we can create one for you. Create an account to order a 300 words press release, for a limited time only at $29.99.

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